Skeltons Lane Park is also home to Brooks Farm, a city farm that has been run by the Council for many years.  The farm has recently been taken over by the YMCA who have acquired funding to renovate it.  The farm looks very smart and even has a café.

Focus Team member Bob Sullivan who has been associated with the farm for over 30 years says;

“It is more a venue that has animals than a real city farm, but it is well worth a visit”

Parents protest outside the Farm

Residents protest at YMCA changes

Unfortunately the children who had, over the years, worked at Brooks Farm as volunteers have been told that they are not wanted.  The YMCA has said that there will be events which children can participate on the farm but they will need to pay for the privilege. The children’s parents have been protesting about this and have launched a petition.  They believe the previous Farm Family is being broken up.

Bob Sullivan is currently trying to organise a meeting between the parents and the YMCA to try to get an agreeable solution.

Focus will keep you informed of the outcome.

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